Bell Indicator System (All Range)

Staff Calling System: DEHMY Electronic Bell Indicator/Staff Calling system/nurse calling system bell indicator with 4 points for hospitals, offices, hotels etc


Dehmy Staff Calling Bell Indicator with 10 Bell Indicator for Offices, Hotels, Hospitals Etc, White

  • 4 point

  • 6 points

  • 8 point

  • 10 point

  • 12 points

  • 15 point

  • 18 points

  • 20 Points

  • 24 points

  • 30 points

  • Built in double speakers, makes the bell sound more clear. Ideal for house, office etc. Press the small gap on the underside of the remote control with a flat screwdriver.
  • Use the button on the side of the receiver to change the melody to your favourite. Note: due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you.

Clear & better sound

Dehmy presents a calling bell indicator with built-in double speakers, it makes the bell sound more clear which can be heard from a distance.

An ideal choice for

The calling bell can be used at various places like houses, offices, factories, schools, hospitals, and any other place where you want to install it.

Multiple points

The bell indicator comes with different points like 4, 8, 10, 15, 20, 24 & 30, so you can choose one accordingly. This specific article has 15 points.

First-class performance

The products offered by Dehmy deliver first-class performance for a long time.

High-end utility

Perfect for day-to-day activities, the range of products has high utility.

Durable construct

Each of the goods is assembled with durable material giving them a long life.


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